Its been a while since I've updated anything, Sorry.. Its been hectic. I just recently moved out to Germany to stay with my boyfriend. Its been hard adjusting to a new language, new area and new people. The place is amazing! Very beautiful city. I'm currently living in VIllingen, Germany. A very small town in the middle of nowhere.. great place though. I recently just got internet connection (hence why I'm updating now) Right now I started playing World of Warcraft. Great game, very addicting.. Its just the demo but so far I'm a level 20 undead rogue. Its awesome!!! I haven't really been playing much games lately. Not have a 360 around all the time can hinder that. The last game I was playing was God of War 2.. also a great game! The levels look huge and the artwork and animation is amazing to watch. Anways.. I will be updating more artwork on here soon.. Just have to charge my camera...

Being out here is very difficult.. everything that was easy in the states, I have to relearn. New plug-ins, New electronics, new everything pretty much. anyways.. Thats my update. will be on later with new artwork..




T shirt design Layout (for fun)


After about a month of picky suggestions.. The logo is finally done!!! I also made a badge logo for him as well. Enjoy!


New design!

Its been a while...

I've been working so hard on this mascot for 5280 fire, its killin me!!! I've re sketched, re scanned, and re traced it SO many times.. But its so closed to being finished I can taste the reward!! I also have a window mural coming up as well.. Its going to be seen on one of the busiest streets in Boulder, CO.. SO EXCITING!!! I'm looking for any body that knows a cheap screen printing place. I NEED to get these shirts made!!! So many poeple want them... ANYWHOO.. I got a new website that links to this BLOG. www.wix.com/5k3tch/5k3tchdesign check it out!
Taking a break from the screen..

Post soon!


New T-shirts!

Contact me if your interested!



I love the Boondocks on [adult swim] So I decided to make some matching hats. I love to paint on old stuff!

Zombie teee

I got this brilliant Idea that zombies were human once, they need some love. So I made this shirt!

I forgot!

I recently just made flyers to handout and display. I plan on making more now that I'm in a different state. :)



I've been working and designing a mural for a doggy day care in Colorado. I'm super excited for this project!! I love showing off my work and I like getting exposure so it works SO wonderfully! I am planning to be working on this project, fully painting it, By thursday. Thats my goal. I've been sketching a lot lately. I started out yesterday just working on finding dogs to sketch. Then later in the day started to work on more people. I caught this CUTE little girl playing in the sand with her mom but by the time I got the rough draft down she was moving all over the place. I think today I'm going to more parks to people watch and draw. I should have new sketches up by tonight. Wish me luck!