Its been a while since I've updated anything, Sorry.. Its been hectic. I just recently moved out to Germany to stay with my boyfriend. Its been hard adjusting to a new language, new area and new people. The place is amazing! Very beautiful city. I'm currently living in VIllingen, Germany. A very small town in the middle of nowhere.. great place though. I recently just got internet connection (hence why I'm updating now) Right now I started playing World of Warcraft. Great game, very addicting.. Its just the demo but so far I'm a level 20 undead rogue. Its awesome!!! I haven't really been playing much games lately. Not have a 360 around all the time can hinder that. The last game I was playing was God of War 2.. also a great game! The levels look huge and the artwork and animation is amazing to watch. Anways.. I will be updating more artwork on here soon.. Just have to charge my camera...

Being out here is very difficult.. everything that was easy in the states, I have to relearn. New plug-ins, New electronics, new everything pretty much. anyways.. Thats my update. will be on later with new artwork..