I have been busy lately! I just finished my first real logo for a company. YAY! I'm so excited. I will post pictures up as soon as its in effect, so stay tuned! In other news,I'm applying for a lot of freelance work at the moment. I get so excited now before I check my e-mail. Hopefully I will be able to land another project soon. My hands want something to work on so bad. Anyways thats it so far. If your interested, my Illustration blog on the right is the best so far.. Check it out!!!



Hai Thar!

So your probably thinking this blog is a little empty. Right now I'm in the process of gathering all of my artwork and putting it on this site to better my chances of getting a better career in art. Currently I am working on a logo for a church my family participates in, Aluminum Angels. I have a couple of solid ideas for it, just got to make them final. Hopefully I will be getting more and more artwork on SOON, just be patient.