New T-shirts!

Contact me if your interested!



I love the Boondocks on [adult swim] So I decided to make some matching hats. I love to paint on old stuff!

Zombie teee

I got this brilliant Idea that zombies were human once, they need some love. So I made this shirt!

I forgot!

I recently just made flyers to handout and display. I plan on making more now that I'm in a different state. :)



I've been working and designing a mural for a doggy day care in Colorado. I'm super excited for this project!! I love showing off my work and I like getting exposure so it works SO wonderfully! I am planning to be working on this project, fully painting it, By thursday. Thats my goal. I've been sketching a lot lately. I started out yesterday just working on finding dogs to sketch. Then later in the day started to work on more people. I caught this CUTE little girl playing in the sand with her mom but by the time I got the rough draft down she was moving all over the place. I think today I'm going to more parks to people watch and draw. I should have new sketches up by tonight. Wish me luck!


Pointillism piece I did for my favorite cartoon, yes a cartoon. I spent about an 1 1/2 on it. GO INVADER ZIM!


Randomly I get a pencil in hand, and this is what happens. My brain explodes creatively on paper. I really want to get one of these designs on a shirt. I know that's the new fad now and I know I could make it.. haha


Zombie egg!!

Be careful next time you open your fridge.. you might be a witness to the ZOMBIE EGG!!

The war agianst thoughts.


Working hard..

So lately, I've been working on a bunch of little projects at a time. I just finished a new background, and a new doodle page. I'm still working on a new project and I'm trying to get all the details worked out. Right now its so nice out its hard to stay concentrated. Well, I'm off to take a break and hangout outside!